Mainly hot with strong UV rays and dusty in some parts 060419

Good afternoon. Brace for the extreme heat for the next couple more days. South Korea continues to swelter under an unseasonal heatwave but rain on Thursday in southern parts of the country will bring down the highs. Seoul will also get some relief on Friday.

Daegu and the Gyeongsang-do Provinces will be the hottest areas again with temperatures hovering around 35 degrees Celsius. Strong sunshine will boost UV rays to very high levels across much of the country.

What’s bothering us the most is the toxic air, dusty winds blew in overnight and stagnant air flow boosted dust levels to high in southern areas and rest of the nation will also have relatively high fine dust levels.

Finally checking on today’s highs, readings will be similar to yesterday… in the thirties for most areas.

That’s Korea for you and here’s the international weather for viewers around the world.

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