Hot pot blows up in waitress’ face after lighter drops in soup

KUNMING, CHINA — A waitress at a restaurant in China had the unfortunate experience of having a hot pot blow up in her face while she tried fishing out a lighter a customer had dropped in the soup by accident.

According to Miaopai, surveillance footage from a Haidilao hot pot chain restaurant on May 15 in Kunming shows the waitress looking for the lost lighter.
Apparently one of the guys at the table dropped it into the bubbling broth.
Footage then shows the waitress using two hot pot ladles to search for the lighter.
Unfortunately, things suddenly get a little too hot to handle as the hot pot explodes right into her face, sending the two male diners running from the table.
Two people were reportedly injured and transported to the hospital.

According to the Shanghaiist, the Haidilao chain was founded in 1994 in Sichuan province and has since opened up more than 190 locations around the world.

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