Rome Vacation Rentals

Rome Vacation Rentals

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When you connect to the internet, it seems like everything is convenient because it is just all a click of a mouse. At, there is a wide range of Rome vacation rentals to choose from.

Executive Garden House is among the Rome vacation rentals that is fully- furnished. Given the moniker “Rocca Prudenzio,” it is just walking distance from Saint Peter’s Square. It has a separate entrance gate where nine romantic steps going to the main door will welcome the guests. It has a view of the Piazza della Balduina which has a scenographic garden with a fountain and pond. Its fixtures have a contemporary design which is perfectly made for a visiting couple, with or without children.

In the living area there is a satellite television, personal computer, internet access, web camera, business stationery and cordless telephone. In the kitchen there is an electric oven, refrigerator, china wares, microwave and dishwasher machine, among the others. In the bath room there is a hot water bug, Jacuzzi shower and first aid box. Now for the rates, one night is €165, seven nights is €1,155, two weeks is €1,750, three week is €2,205 and four weeks is €2,520. For reservations, contact Salvatorre Scarlata at 39-3296203647.

Countryside Villa is among the Rome vacation rentals that can accommodate an entire family. It may not really be situated in the heart of the metropolis but it is only minutes away from the historic landmarks which by now, you are very much thrilled to see. Close to Umbria and Tuscany, it is immersed in one of Italy’s wealthiest archeological regions. Nature lovers will surely call it a haven as the estate is surrounded with trees plus sunsets that are simply breathtaking. Now for the rates, it is between £250- £1,200 depending on number of days. For reservations, contact Francesco at 917- 7512199.

Penthouse Style Apartment is among the Rome vacation rentals is nestles in one of the metroplis’ plush boulevards. Elegantly decorated, it has comfortable surroundings with a private roof terrace. It contains pricey art paintings that are a mixture of tribal and modern. With excellent lighting facilities, it also has a glass pane that gives protection from the hubbub on the street. Located on the fifth floor of the edifice, it is easy to get up and down through an elevator.

In the living space there are fine furniture pieces. In the bedroom there is a queen size bed together with a long cabinet where the satellite television and fax machine are placed. In the bath room there is a tub where toiletries are already provided for. In the dining den there is a round table that can accommodate six people. Now for the rates, one week will cost $2,250. For reservations, contact number is 800-7288410.

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