Pool & Hot Tub Water Sanitizers

Pool & Hot Tub Water Sanitizers

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We all enjoy soaking or swimming in a warm crystal clear pool or hot tub yet at times keeping that sparkle can be a trying experience.
Keeping your pools chemicals in the proper range is not only necessary to maintain that sparkle but also to keep your pool or hot tub safe for swimmers.

There are three basic ways to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming the traditional chlorine system, biguanide and mineral systems each are safe and effective for use in outdoor pools and hot tubs. Each system needs to be used independently of the other so which ever system you start using you must continue to use that system. You will also need to purchase the proper testing equipment for your system.

The old standard chlorine is available almost every place from your local pool supply store to Wal-Mart it is relatively cheap and easy to monitor and use. The big drawbacks of chlorine are it is harsh on your skin and can cause bathing suits and hair color to fade. Stabilized chlorine should be used in a pool or hot tub that is exposed to sunlight if your spa is inside or is not in direct sunlight non stabilized chlorine can be used.

The next type of pool sanitizers are the mineral systems these release minerals such as copper, zinc and silver into the water to keep the pool or hot tub algae and bacteria free. Generally the mineral system does use a small amount of chlorine to make sure the system is efficacious.

The third type of pool sanitizer is the “Bio” type of sanitizers such as Bioguard and BioDex. These all liquid sanitizers are very easy to use but they do require a specific testing unit and can not be used with chlorine. These sanitizers do not have the same harsh effects of chlorine and do not bleach out hair and swim suits.

Every type of pool sanitizers requires an oxidizer, the oxidizer or shock treatment removes the oils, lotions and other unwanted contaminations form the pool. Not all shock treatments are the same although monopersulfate which is an oxygen based oxidizer. Chlorine based shock treatments are also oxygen based. Chlorine shock should never be used with the Biguanide sanitizing system uses hydrogen peroxide as the main oxidizer.

No matter what type of sanitizer you use in your pool or hot tub you need to start with the basics. Make sure your Ph is between 7.4 and 7.6 this prevents corrosion and scale build up and reduces the irritation to swimmers skin and eyes.

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