Facts About Pool And Hot Tub Covers

Facts About Pool And Hot Tub Covers

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What makes a good pool cover and what do you need in a pool or hot tub cover? When it comes to Pools and Hot Tubs safety has to be our number one focus. Today covers can play a huge role in keeping our pools safe for children and adults alike no one wants to experience and accident in their pool so a good safety cover is you last line of defense in pool safety. There are two basic types of covers the basic solar type cover or the tarp type cover that is put on over night or during the winter to retain the heat in the pool or to winterize the pool and then there are the safety covers we will be concentrating on the safety covers for this article.

In order to be considered a safety cover a cover must meet certain guide lines. First it must be able to support two adults plus one child; it must also allow water to drain through and not have any holes in the cover that are large enough for a person to get through. These standards were set forth by the American Society for Testing and Material International the guide lines that they set out in the late 1980’s and was later adopted by the pool industry in the 1990’s. It is recommended when looking at pool hot tub safety covers that you look for one that meets these requirements many safety cover manufactures take their covers to the next step by having them independently tested by trusted names like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) this added testing should give you an added piece of security.

The two most common types of safety covers are the track system and the tie down system. The tie down system uses anchors that are integrated into the cement around the pool these covers are usually made from a mesh that will catch large debris and people but will allow water and melting snow to drip on through to a secondary cover that generally has a water sensing pump on it to pump out any excess water. Typically two people can put on a tie down cover in about thirty minutes this may limit putting on the cover only prior to times that the pool will not be in use. The next type of safety cover is the track system the track system is best built into the original design of the pool it can be either operated totally by electrical motors some are totally manual and some only have a self retraction system. The track system of pool and hot tub covers utilizes a built in track to hold the cover in places once the tracks are installed the pool can be covered in a mater of minutes.

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