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Welcome back to the channel. In this latest video we are installing a new supply for a hot tub. Well also install a double socket for outside and extend the extractor fan supply. Apologies for the abrupt ending to the video, it was fine during editing but got cut short during rendering.

Linian 15-18mm super clips used to secure the SWA in place.
As the PME earthing arrangement was being exported a Matt.e unit was fitted which monitors the electrical supply for a broken PEN conductor. If it detects a broken PEN the system automatically disconnects and isolates all conductors.

The Matt.e unit was purchased by myself and not provide free to be shown off in this video.

Shout out to David Savery, check out his latest video in the link below.

Linian Clips
SWA TStorm20 Glands


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The video is for entertainment purposes and not intended as a DIY guide. Please always use a competent and register electrician for all electrical work.

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