Why Endless Pools are the Best Swim Spas

Here at The Spa and Sauna Company we know that Endless Pools are the best Swim Spas available on the market today. Let’s explore some of the reasons why.
Endless Pools is owned by the same corporation that produces most of the hot tub brands we carry at The Spa and Sauna Company. They offer superior customer support, access to replacement parts, and warranty services. We have worked with this company for a long time and they have earned their place as an industry-leader, after more than 40 years in the hot tub business.

We have sold and serviced other swim spas in the past, but we have found that their customer service was severely lacking, making for a less enjoyable long-term customer experience. While their product may be less expensive than some series of Endless Pools, or even similarly priced to the value-line R Series of Endless Pools, we have found that other brand’s quality just doesn’t stand the test of time, like Endless Pools’ swim spas do.

Product Innovation
There are also fewer unique offerings available from other brands of swim spas. A swim spa from another manufacturer typically only offers a basic above ground backyard swim leisure experience, while Endless Pools has 3 unique series. One is designed for athletes, another for those looking for a combination of exercise and recreation, and a third for those looking for backyard relaxation.

The E-Series and X-Series have no equal in terms of their proprietary Swim Machine Technology and Options Underwater Treadmill. Let’s explore those below.

The Endless Pools E-Series (Fitness Systems)
The Endless Pools Fitness Systems or E-Series provides the opportunity for low-impact exercise, with features such as an optional underwater treadmill, rowing bar, and strength training equipment. It is ideal for an athlete, who wants to train at home. The E-Series offers a swim-in-place experience, that feels like swimming in open water, due to its custom-made hydraulically powered propulsion system. In addition, you will also have three comfortable jetted seats for relaxation and hydrotherapy. The E-Series is available in three different lengths, including 15 feet, 17 feet and 20 feet long. As the highest-end option, with the most elective features, and add-ons, the E-Series starts in the mid-$30,000 range and goes up from there.

The Endless Pools X-Series (SwimCross Exercise Systems)
The Endless Pools SwimCross Exercise System features five air-free swim jets and exercise opportunities, with rowing and resistance exercise. This series is best for those who are looking to exercise, as well as relax. The X-Series is designed to make it easier for swimmers to stay centered and afloat, due to the jet configuration. The top jets provide resistance, while the bottom jets provide lift. The X-Series also offers comfortable jetted seats with hydrotherapy benefits. The X-Series comes in sizes including 12, 15 and 20 feet long. Pricing starts in the in the mid-$20,000 range.

The Endless Pools R-Series (RecSport)
The RecSport Recreational System by Endless Pools offers a high-quality swim spa at an affordable price. This series is best for those looking for leisure or even a really big hot tub. This value-line swim spas features three airless swim jets, seating for the family, hydromassage jets, and ample room for recreation. The RecSport is 12 feet long. It starts under $20,000, including delivery.

The E-Series and X-Series of Endless Pools come with proprietary Steel-Frame Construction, to support the height, weight and water volume inside those Endless Pools. The cabinet’s design is sleek and stylish, because form is just as important as function.

While steel-frame construction makes sense for those two swim spa series, we feel Wood-Frame Construction for the R-Series and hot tubs is more economical and doesn’t reduce the lifespan of those products. Steel Frames on Hot Tubs would be cost prohibitive, without enhancing the product. Our hot tubs last decades and offer the best price and value.

Other swim spa brands may even use the term “EP” in their product description, to give the appearance that they are associated with Endless Pools. Don’t be fooled! There is only one Endless Pools and all of their products will be clearly marked.

The Spa and Sauna Company deals exclusively with Endless Pools for Swim Spas because we feel they match our dedication to the highest quality products and best customer experience, at any budget.

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