Bubble Guppies Swim-sational School from Fisher-Price

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Bubble Guppies fans can go to school with Molly and Gil with the Bubble Guppies Swim-sational School. This playset features more than 20 phrases and songs. The playset includes Molly and Gil figures that kids place at the very top of the playset. Then press the button to ring the bell and send the figures rolling down the ramps and into class where Mr. Grouper will greet them, just like on the show. The playset also includes a Mr. Grouper figure, and when kids press down on Mr. Grouper, they will hear the Lunchtime song. Open the lunchboxes for different silly phrases from the show. Press down on the lunch table to hear the Line Up Everybody song. Kids can also press the bubble boombox to hear music and start dance time with the figures.

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