Underground Above Ground

“Underground Above Ground” (1992 L.A. Rave Documentary).
A very short home made documentary on the LA rave scene waaay back in 1992!
This was directed by Ken Lawrence of http://www.pureacidmixtapes.com
[I, alexeykh, found this on another site & thought it would be good to get it out more, here; the rest of the info is as it appears in its original posting].
I used a video capture device to transfer this from good ol’ VHS. Visually it turned out fine. The audio, however, does have some glitches in it. Enjoy!
Live footage from:
“TaDa” October 23, 1992
“Awarehouse” November 21, 1992

Interviews with:
Raymond Roker (URB Magazine, Editor/Publisher, DJ)
Jason Bentley (URB Magazine, Assistant Editor, DJ)
Tommy G (Promoter)

Includes music from:
Jam & Spoon – “Stella”
Edge Records #4 – “Culminator”
Church Of Extacy – “Oowee I Am Ready (Crucify The Acid)”
Moby – “Drop The Beat (Deep Mix)”
Timothy Leary – “What Do You Turn On When You Turn On”
Kaotic Chemistry – “Space Cakes”

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