How to clean a hot tub the right way

In this video, I’m going to another customer maintenance job, but this time it’s to clean their hot tub. To start, the first step is to empty the pool using a submersible pump. There is no better solution to draining a pool than a submersible pump.
While the tub is draining, it’s critical to scrub the entire surface of the pool, I used PoolPartsToGo ( 360-Degree Pool Brush. I used the 12″ one for this since the hot tub has a lot of nooks and crannies to get into that a normal brush can’t get to, .
The submersible pump gets almost everything out, there were some little leaves and a tiny bit of remaining water, I used the vacuum to hoover it all up.
Once the hot tub was 100% empty, I filled up a bucket of fresh water and put some cleaning solution in it and scrubbed the whole pool. After that, I rinse the pool, give it another scrub with the 360-Brush, using the versatile 12″ again. If it were a large pool, would probably use the 18″. (another quick submersible pump session).
We clean the filter by hosing it down until it’s totally clean.
Then we fill the pool up and turn the pool systems back on to make sure the water is circulating correctly. PH was a little bit high on the hot tub so I put in pH- to regulate it.

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