How Much Is A Website_

I hear the question almost every day. Some days I get the question five or six times depending on what networking group I’m at, what conference I’m speaking at, or what’s going on online. The reality is that engaging in digital marketing is basically using a service – not buying an item like a cheeseburger. So there’s no set price for starting to use a service. Prices will vary based on the scope and size of the project and what the goals are. The problems arise when many new small business owners or entrepreneurs with minimal experience want whatever they can get for free or for as cheap as possible, regardless of whether or not it actually accomplishes real goals.

This approach can be problematic since having a poorly-written site, one that won’t work on mobile, or that has security issues, or looks like a scam site, can chase potential customers away, not not make them want to work with you.

It pays to do a better job. So in this video, I discuss that issue.

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