Hot Tub Start Up – How to Fill a Hot Tub

Hot tub start up begins with properly filling your hot tub. Filling a hot tub for the first time is exciting and following these simple best practices will make the rest of your spa start up go smoothly.

Follow along with Maddiy, one of Master Spas’ TV Hosts, as she guides you through how to fill a hot tub including the importance of checking spa pump fittings, attaching a pre-filter to your garden hose and adding a sequestering agent, as well as how to purge air from hot tub plumbing.

While your hot tub is filling, you may want to watch our “Chemicals for Hot Tub Start Up” video to familiarize yourself with the next step in the process, adding chemicals to your spa for the first time. Hang in there. By following the steps outlined in these two videos, you’ll be relaxing in your new hot tub or swim spa in no time.

At Master Spas, we make buying and owning a spa just as relaxing as using one. Relax. It’s Master Spas.

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