You Want to Avoid In-Ground Hot Tubs | Less Accessibility, Usability, & Portability + Hidden Costs

There are a variety of choices to make when it comes to getting a hot tub.

What we’re going to discuss today is why you don’t want an in-ground or semi in-ground hot tub.

At The Spa and Sauna Company, we recommend keeping your portable hot tub portable, as it was intended. Let us explain why.

Reason 1: In-ground or semi in-ground hot tubs add a lot to construction costs

The hot tubs available from The Spa and Sauna Company are designed to be placed on a concrete pad. While you could sink them into the ground, that would require another contractor to dig a hole and possibly build a structure to surround your hot tub.

If your hot tub is placed in-ground or semi in-ground, you would require excavation, ground reinforcement, and a French drain or sump pump. That would add time and cost, and additional vendors. None of those things are necessary for hot tub enjoyment.

Plus, have you seen the cabinets on our hot tubs? They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Why would you want to cover that up?

Reason 2: In-ground and semi in-ground hot tubs are harder to get in to

With a typical above-ground portable hot tub, you step up on a couple of steps and then into your hot tub, usually to a shelf that is about the same height as the highest step.

With a in-ground or semi in-ground hot tub, you step down into your hot tub from higher up, which means it’s a little awkward to get in your hot tub. It also increases the chances that you might slip.

It also harder to remove the cover on an in-ground or semi in-ground hot tub, because you can’t rely on the assistance of a mechanical cover lifter that pairs so nicely with a portable hot tub.

A hot tub that is harder to open and get into gets used less than one that is easy to access.

At The Spa and Sauna Company, we want to make sure you get as much use and enjoyment from your investment as possible.

Reason 3: Safety

When a hot tub is flush with the ground, you have to take extra precautions to make sure no children, pets, or inattentive adults, inadvertently step into your open hot tub.

That’s a lot less of a concern, when your hot tub is several feet above ground-level.

Reason 4: Energy Efficiency

The ground temperatures in Nevada are a lot colder than the temperature outside. That works to your disadvantage with an in-ground hot tub.

Although the temperature outside can swing by about 30 degrees from day to night, the ground temperature does not experience those variations. It just stays colder. That means the ground around an in-ground hot tub holds in the cold (not the heat) which works against your goal of keeping your hot tub hot.

You’ll end up paying more in electricity costs to keep an in-ground or semi in-ground hot tub heated.

Above-ground portable hot tubs work with the temperature and the sun exposure to reduce you energy costs.

Reason 5: In-ground or semi in-ground hot tubs are harder to access for electrical hook up.

Installation is more complex. Your electrician will need access to run the wires to your hot tub. If the access area is underground it will be harder to get to. If you decide to build a structure around your hot tub, please make sure you can access the control panel and electrical hook up.

Reason 6: In-ground and semi in-ground hot tubs are harder to access for routine maintenance, routine cleaning, and service

There are times when you will need to open up your hot tub’s doors to the equipment compartment, either for routine maintenance or service. If that door is underground or even partly underground, that becomes much harder to do.

A well maintained hot tub is a hot tub that gets used more often.

Reason 7: Moving your hot tub

Should you move or decide to relocate your hot tub, The Spa and Sauna Company can help you. If you’ve submerged your hot tub, you now have a hole in your yard to fill and possible a structure to remove too.

We hope the reasons above have helped you decide if an in-ground, semi in-ground, or portable spa is right for you.

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